Attire and other gears

Here is what is needed for the trip:

- Black polo with MSSO logo
- White baseball cap with MSSO logo
- At least 2 luggage tags (one for the instrument, one for the actual luggage)
- Red t-shirt with MSSO logo and slogan for outings other than concerts.

The black polo, baseball cap and luggage tags are the same as those used for the Vienna trip. So you can reuse them if you still have them and if they still fit! The only new item is the red t-shirt.

Nikita will bring sample t-shirts to check sizes and put your orders in the next two Sunday practices (November 24th and December 8th). If you are from Ontario and joining us for the December concert, Nikita will also take orders December 21st and 22nd. When determining the required size, keep in mind that musician can still grow between now and June 2020!

Prices are as follows:
- black polo: $35
- hat: $22
- luggage tags: $5 each
- red t-shirt: $25

You can pay cash or by cheque (to MSSO).

If you still have the black polo in good shape but it does not fit anymore, you can bring it to practice on November 24th and we will do our best to resell it (based on a first come first serve). If we do resell it, we'll give you a $10 credit on the purchase of your new polo. So yes, second hand polo should be available for purchase at the cost of $10.